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Make A Colorful Competent Crayon Paper Craft In 2 Steps

Are you looking for a Colorful Crayon Craft?

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Because it just so happens, that I have an adorable crayon craft that you and your kiddos will love!

Here you will find two different ways to make your own crayon craft.

If you want to make it from scratch (without a template), you will find the instructions if you keep scrolling.

And for those of you who like a template, you can get our Crayon template and save yourself some time.

Either way, this craft will delight your kids.

If you want to add some more fun to your craft time then don’t forget to keep scrolling and find…

A few fun facts about crayons.

As well as some HILARIOUS jokes that will have your kids giggling in no time.

Did You Know?

  • Big Blue is the world’s largest crayon.  The giant was made from 123,000 leftover blue crayons collected from kids around the nation. It weighs a whopping 1,500 pounds and is almost 16 feet long!
  • The average child will go through hundreds of crayons in a decade.
  • America’s favorite crayon color is blue.

For more fun crayon facts visit Good Housekeeping.

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The Crayon Craft

You and your kiddos can have a blast making this simple craft. There are two different but equally fun options for you to choose from.

Follow the instructions.


The Crayon craft template includes…

  • Black and white template just Print, Color, Cut, Glue, and Enjoy.
  • Crayon Template (Already Colored) just Print, Cut, Glue, and Enjoy.
  • Crayon Coloring sheet
  • 8.5 by 11 Crayon craft poster
craft supplies

Supplies Needed

How To Make Crayon Craft

Step 1


  • Cut out a long rectangle
  • Round the edges on one side
  • Cut off the corners on the other side to make the point

Step 2


  • Cut out a shorter rectangle
  • Write Crayon on it
  • Glue to your crayon


  • What bird is always sad?              
    • The Blue Jay
  • What yellow fruit denies everything?      
    • A bana-nah
  • Why was the ocean so blue?       
    • Because the island never waved back

I hope you enjoy your crayon craft made fun and easy! ?

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