monkey face craft

An Absolutely Adorable Little Monkey Face Craft For Kids

Monkey Face Paper Craft Template for kids with step by step instructions.

When you think of the jungle, what is the first animal that pops into your head?

Monkey head paper craft

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I don’t know about you, but the first thing that pops into my head is monkeys swinging from vines in the rainforest, leaving chaos in their wake.  The resident mischief-maker of the rainforests.

Kids love doing animal crafts. My kids love anything animal so any animal paper craft is always a hit.

My boys definitely like to put their own special marks on their crafts by using unexpected colors or gluing the parts on in fun ways. That what’s great about crafts, your kids get to enjoy doing them however they want. There is no wrong way to make a paper craft.

The great thing is there is no long list of supplies to buy and no high piles of stuff to clean up afterwards. So go wild with this cute monkey craft.

Monkey Facts

  • There are two major groups of monkeys, Old World and New World.
  • The Old World monkeys have bigger noses and live primarily in Asia and Africa.  The New World Monkeys have flatter noses and live for the most part in North and South America.
  • Most monkeys have opposable thumbs, but interestingly enough, not all of them do.
  • A group of monkeys is called a troop or a barrel.

Monkey Face Craft Options

This craft is cute and easy to make.  It will help your little ones improve their fine motor skills by using scissors and glue.

A quick project for your preschooler or kindergartner and you.

We like to offer you two options to make your craft. You can use the step by step instructions below to cut your money free handed. We also have a template available to make things really easy for you.

Whatever option you choose you will enjoy your monkey fun time.

Scroll down for the free hand craft instructions or click below on the template picture to grab that option.

Monkey craft

The monkey paper craft template includes:

  • Black and white template just Print, Color, Cut, Glue, and Enjoy.
  • Monkey Template (Already Colored) just Color, Cut, Glue, and Enjoy.
  • Monkey Coloring sheet
  • 8.5 by 11 Monkey craft poster

You can find this template in our shop, along with many other great craft options for you and your kids.

Supplies You Need To Make Your Monkey

monkey craft supplies

Instructions For Your paper craft

monkey craft instructions

Step 1


  • Cut a circle out of brown paper

Step 2


  • Cut two half circles out of brown paper
  • Cut two smaller half circles out of light brown paper

Step 3


  • Cut two half ovals out of white paper
  • Cut two smaller half ovals out of white paper (Pupil)

Step 4

Nose & Mouth

  • Cut a black triangle for the nose
  • Draw a smile
  • Draw a line connecting the nose and the smile
monkey head

I hope you enjoyed your monkey face paper craft made fun and easy.

Monkey Jokes

  1. When do Monkeys fall from the sky
    • During Ape-ril showes
  2. What kind of key opens a banana?
    • A mon-key
  3. What do you call a scared monkey?
    • A chim-pansy

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