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Here’s A Simple Happy Humourous Hippo Craft For Kids

Hippopotamuses, or hippos for short, are amazing creatures. cartoons and crafts make them look cute and cuddly, but in reality, they are one of the deadliest creatures.

hippo craft template

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The magic of TV, right? ?

Deadliest creatures or not, they still make adorable crafts, like the one you came here to make.

If you don’t want to make this craft freehand, I have a template for you.

gray rhinoceros on brown field during daytime

The template includes a black and white version of the craft so you can color It yourself, and a colored version so you only need to cut and glue.

Freehand or with a template the craft is cute and fun to make, I hope you enjoy it.

Hippo Facts

  • Hippos are the third-largest mammal
  • Hippos are mainly herbivorous
  • They produce their own sunblock
  • Hippos determine if your friend or foe by smelling your poop

Curious about hippos? Go to Nat Geo Kids to learn more.

Supplies To Make You Hippo Paper Craft

hippo craft supplies

How To Make Your Hippo Craft

Hippo instructions

Step 1


  • Cut out an oval with blue paper
  • Cut another oval with blue paper to make the face jut out

Step 2


  • Cut an oval with dark blue paper
  • Cut a smaller oval out of light blue paper (Belly)

Step 3

Arms & Legs

  • Cut two rectangles out with rounded edges use dark blue paper
  • Cut two rectangles out of dark blue paper

Step 4


  • Cut out two half ovals with Dark blue paper (Ear)
  • Cut out two smaller half ovals with pink paper (Inner Ear)

Step 5


  • Cut out two half ovals, white paper (Eyes)
  • Cut two smaller half ovals, black paper (Pupils)

Step 6 (Last step of Hippo Craft)


  • Cut out 12 half ovals using white paper

Don’t Forget there is a hippo craft template if you don’t want to go through the trouble of making it freehand.

I hope you enjoyed your hippo craft made fun and easy.

Hippo Jokes For Kids

What is the difference between a hippo and a zippo?       One is pretty heavy and the other is a little lighter

How do you get a hippo to do whatever you want?           Try hippo-notising him

What did the weight-training hippo achieve?       Hippopota-muscles

I hope you enjoyed your hippo craft made fun and easy.

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