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How To Create Your Very Own Ladybug Craft

Instructions to make a ladybug craft from scratch, including jokes and facts.

What is red with black spots?

Ladybug paper craft

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If you guessed ladybug, then you’re right! 👍

Ladybugs are a great paper craft when working teaching your kids about gardens. Also good to add to a ladybug lifecycle unit.

They are such a beautiful bug, now I don’t say that about many bugs, I am not a bug fan, but this one is pretty cute(as long as you don’t look through a magnifying glass).

You can add this ladybug to a garden scene with flowers, butterflies and buzzing bees for lots of fun.

ladybug perched on yellow flower in close up photography during daytime

We here love paper crafts because they are easy to make, don’t take a laundry list of supplies and honestly, not a lot of crafty skills to pull them off.

Preschool and kindergarten kids can do paper crafts pretty easily and I love to see how they design them. Sometimes the legs don’t end up in the right spot or the head ends up pink instead of black. But that is why paper crafts are fun for kids. They get to design their own animal right from their imagination.

I will be giving you step-by-step instructions to make your very own ladybug using just construction paper, scissors and glue. But that’s not all, I have also added fun ladybug facts and funny jokes to talk about with your kids while you are crafting.

Colorful Building Blocks on Yellow Surface

Ladybug Facts

  • Ladybugs are fascinating creatures, farmers love them because they are omnivores and eat insects.  Most other people love them because they’re supposed to be lucky, (Plus they’re cool)!
  • Two to three years is barely a drop in the bucket to us, but did you know that two to three years is the average lifespan of a ladybug?  WOW!  In two to three years they go from an egg to a larva, to a pupa, to Ladybug.
  • We all know ladybugs are small but did you know that they are only 0.3-0.4 inches in size? 
  • If you want to learn more about ladybugs, you should visit National Geographic Kids.
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Crafting Options For Your Ladybug

This is an adorable craft that your kiddos will love.  It’s simple to make, and it will look lovely hanging up in your home!  

Now, I like to give people options here. So, if you are not the wizard of scissors, there is a template you can use to make the shapes for you.  Just click below on the picture to grab the template.

But if you are looking for a challenge, below are step-by-step instructions to walk you through making the ladybug paper craft.

Ladybug craft picture

This printable Ladybug craft template includes…

  • Black and white template; Print, Color, Cut, Glue, and Enjoy.
  • Template (Already Colored); Print, Cut, Glue, and Enjoy.
  • A Lady bug coloring page
  • 8.5 by 11 Lovely Ladybug colorful craft poster

Having your kids do crafts is not only fun but has a lot of positive benefits including boosting creativity, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, etc.

red and black ladybug on green leaf

Supplies To Make Your Ladybug Cut and Glue Craft

paper, scissors and glue

Step By Step Instructions To Make Your Ladybug Paper Craft

ladybug instructions

Step 1


  • Cut a half circle out of red paper
  • Cut out black circles(as many as you want to add to your ladybug, they can be different sizes if you want)

Step 2


  • A black circle for the head
  • Two skinny black rectangles (Antennas)
  • Two little black circles for the top of the rectangles (Antenna points)

Step 3


  • Four Skinny black rectangles (Legs)
  • Four Black rectangles to glue onto the bottom of the skinny black rectangles (Feet)

Step 4


  • Cut out two white circles (Eyes)
  • Cut out two smaller black circles (Inner Eye)
  • Cut out a black crescent (Mouth)
  • Cut out a red Circle (Nose)

By now you should have a beautifully formed ladybug to hang on your wall.

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Bug Jokes

Sorry! Apparently, there are not a lot of ladybug jokes out there,I could not find any,☹️ so I had to settle for bug jokes. 😊

  1. What insect is smarter than a talking parrot?
    • A spelling bee
  2. What did one firefly say to the other?
    • Got to glow now
  3. What is a mosquitos worst fear?
    • A S.W.A.T Team

Are you looking for more crafts to go with your ladybug, check out more options below.

I hope you enjoy your ladybug paper craft made fun and easy!

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