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Ultimate List of Kids Paper Craft Supplies To Keep On Hand

What Paper Craft supplies are needed to make craft time easy with your kids?

What craft supplies do I need on hand to make craft time fun with my kids?  With a few items like a printer, scissors, and glue you can be on your way to a creative craft time with your kids without a lot of work.

paper craft supplies

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Paper crafts are great for kids from preschool, kindergarten and on up.  The great thing about them is you can create them in many different ways so the difficulty level can be adjusted for the age.

If you have toddlers, maybe you want to print and cut out the pre colored templates and they can just do the gluing.  Our templates can be adjusted to suit your child at whatever level and preference they have.

spaceship craft

Paper crafts are a great addition to your homeschooling unit studies as well.  They are a quick way to add some hands on interaction with the topic to make the subject more memorable.

Do you want to craft with your kids, but don’t know what you need on hand to make your crafts?  The paper craft supplies you need are probably already lying around your home, lets walk through them together.

Primary Paper Craft Supplies

  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Coloring tools

After that everything else is just cake!

Crafting with your family can be a ton of fun.  For the kids who can have fun building their favorite animals or putting together space crafts.(because that’s their new obsession, last week It was dinosaurs 😉)

With our templates your crafting can become a spontaneous lasting memory. 

cupcake pink and purple

Have you ever felt the sudden urge to craft?

Have you ever raided the craft supplies, scattered them around the kitchen table, wrangled the kids to the table, only to have everyone sit in silence?

Everything is ready, but the minute you sit ready to get your craft on, you freeze no ideas coming to mind, and no idea where to go from there.

a person with the hand on the face

You know what, I Have Done That!  I get so excited to craft and then freeze.  I want to be spontaneous, but sadly I usually fail.

You don’t have to let craft brain freeze stop your craft time.

Printer Options

Before you can make the craft you have to print out the template. 

We do offer some step by step instructional articles that let you create your crafts without a template.  Check those out if you are looking for more of a challenge.

jaguar craft cover

If you only have a black and white printer that is no problem.  You can print out the black and white template and your kiddos can color it and add your own creative twists.

There is also a pre-colored template you can use if you have a color printer.  This template is perfect for the kiddos who don’t actually like coloring, but still want to cut out and glue the craft together.

I have a few craft testers, one prefers to color the template himself (and he gets really creative with it 😊)

This is where AMAZING printable craft templates come in!  You find a cute craft, get the template then have a great time crafting.

While the other would prefer to just cut and glue the craft together.

I have yet another who likes to make the craft without the template.

They all have fun making the craft, just in different ways.  So, whichever crafter your kid is, every craft template will have exactly what you need.

yellow measuring tape craft

Paper Options

The most obvious paper craft supply you need is paper.

You can use any of the paper options I show here: white cardstock or colored cardstock, construction paper or regular printer paper.

I usually print the template on printer paper, it’s not super thick but it works well for making the pre colored craft or the black and white version if your kids like coloring with crayons or colored pencils. 

I use cardstock when I want the craft to be a little thicker and more durable. This works well for kids who like to play with the craft instead of hanging it up somewhere.

Black Bear craft cover

Cardstock is also a better option if your kids want to paint or decorate with other items it will stand up to that better than regular printer paper.

Construction paper is great as well, you can print the templates and then use them to cut out the construction paper.

Use whatever paper you have on hand or whatever is the best use for your plans.

Coloring Tools

Typically we all have lots of crayons, markers, and colored pencils lying around the house.

All of these are great coloring tools!  You kids can mix and match or you can pick one for the whole craft.

My kids always have preferences on what their current coloring tool is at the time. They switch around sometimes it’s the markers, and sometimes it’s colored pencils.

Pencil Craft Cover

Using coloring tools is really great for your kiddo’s hand eye coordination.  As well as their hand muscles. All that coloring can really build those muscles to be ready to write.

dragon fly made by kids

And best of all COLOR!  Who doesn’t love a bright fun colorful craft?  If you have a younger kid who is learning their colors this would be a great opportunity to work on that.

If you do mix and match the coloring tools, it will make a craft with a variety of different textures, from the crayon’s interesting texture to the marker’s smooth and a little wet texture.

Crayon Picture
Crayon Craft

Scissors / Cutting

Scissors are a must have.  Not only can it bring a crat to life, but it can also build up a lot of important skills.

From strengthening hand muscles to hand eye coordination to good scissors skills.

Scissors craft cover
Spiffy Scissors Craft

And as your kid practices cutting things out they will start to learn how to be more precise.  Building up their hand eye coordination to follow the lines of the craft and get better and better each time.

With all this talk of skills it’s important to remember that cutting isn’t a chore or exercise.  Cutting can be a lot of fun.  It can be exciting when you give them their first paper of scissors (safety scissors) to have fun in a safe way.

monster paper craft template

But don’t push your kids to cut more than they can do for their age, you might need to cut out some of the parts for them so they can enjoy the experience.

Then when they finally get old enough and get their first pair of (non-safety) scissors.  Which can be just as exciting as the first pair of safety scissors.

monster craft by kids

Crafts are amazing; they teach a variety of invaluable skills that will serve your kiddos throughout their lives and they are just plain fun for kids.

Glue Options

Wet Glue

Wet glue has a bad reputation, maybe not undeserved, but there are ways to have fun with it and avoid gluing everything you own together.

If you put a disposable tablecloth onto your craft table, or maybe some of those boxes you have lying around from your latest delivery, so you can avoid gluing the table.  And to avoid gluing clothes, you can get these cute painter’s smocks or one of Dad’s old shirts.

Glue craft cover
Glue Craft

I know the mess can be daunting but wet glue can be a great workout for your kids hand muscles.

Glue Stick

I personally like the glue stick that is purple then dries clear, but my boys think purple is ewwww so they will only use the white…..uggghhh

The glue stick is a little less messy but I would still slide something under the piece you’re gluing.  It also requires the kids to work a bit faster from the glue smear to the part hitting its mark. 

This is where the wet glue is easier to use for some kids.

Other Paper Craft Supplies

If you really want to add some more fun to your crafts you can use some of these ideas like glitter to make your craft sparkle.

Now remember you don’t need any of this stuff below to have fun with paper crafts. This are just more ideas.


We have lots of templates here for your to get crafting.

Our templates include a black and white template, pre-colored template, a coloring sheet, and an 8.5 x 11 colored poster.

The black and white template is perfect for kids who like to color the craft.

The pre-colored template is perfect for kids who don’t have the attention span for both coloring and putting together.  As well as for the kids who don’t like coloring but still want to make the craft.

The coloring sheet is always fun.  And the cut poster will be fun to hang up and decorate a room.

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    I hope I have given you all the information you need to have all the paper craft supplies on hand. This means you can just print out a template and craft time is a breeze at a moment’s notice. 

    Don’t forget paper crafts are great for…

    • Adding to a unit study in the classroom or homeschool
    • Using at home to keep your kiddos busy
    • A stuck-inside activity when the weather is not cooperating
    • kids parties or picnics

    Remember no matter what kind of crafters your kids are these templates will work for you.

    Check out all of the template options we have in our shop.

    paper craft supplies

    And as always I hope you enjoy your paper crafts made fun and easy.

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