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Design Your Very Own Pirate Treasure Chest Craft With Your Kids

Ahoy landlubbers!   Are you ready to make your own Treasure Chest craft?

treasure chest craft

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If you agree, say “Aye Aye”.  (That’s how pirates say yes.) 

We can all use more treasure in our lives, am I right?  This is a fun pirate-themed craft for your preschooler or kindergartener.  They can decide what they want to include in their treasure chest.  Do they want a chest full of gold coins or are they looking for a chest full of jewels or maybe a combination? 

Whatever they decide, it’s there for the making.  Paper crafts offer you, the teacher/parent, a low mess easy craft that doesn’t have you running to the store to buy a list of supplies.  We all probably have what is needed lying around the house.

pirate, treasure, parrot

Now, you can always take your treasure to another level by adding glitter, sparkly glue, pom poms, or whatever else you have lying around; any way you choose, you are all set.

We like to enhance our paper crafts with fun information for your kids and some additional pirate items.

But be careful not to plunder too quickly(I mean jump to the freebie). If you keep looking, you will find interesting pirate facts and funny pirate jokes.

Did You Know This About Pirates

Since pirates were a crew of criminals, they created a code of conduct to keep order and ensure that everyone got a fair share of the loot they stole.  This code of conduct often included things like sharing the loot equally among members, punishing any member who disobeyed the code, and respecting the captain’s authority.

treasure chest, chest, jewellery

Pirates were notorious for their outrageous and flamboyant style of dress.  Pirates often made a point of wearing bright colors, flashy jewelry, and highly ornamented hats.  This fashion statement was a way for pirates to demonstrate their success, wealth, and power.

Piracy was an extremely competitive business.  Pirates would often join forces with one another, forming alliances and fleets, in order to increase their chances of success and maximize their profits.  These fleets could become quite powerful. By working together, pirates could also share resources and knowledge, allowing them to become more skilled and successful.

The Treasure Chest Craft

We love to offer you choices that fit your skill level as a crafty teacher or parent. 

So if you are a master of cutting shapes freehanded, keep scrolling down the page to find the step-by-step instructions to make your very own treasure chest.

But if you need a bit of help to make those scissors create something resembling treasure…. Then you need to grab the treasure paper craft template.  Just click below on the image.

pirate treasure craft

Pirate treasure chest craft template includes…

  • 1 PDF with 6 total pages
  • Size 8.5X11
  • Black and white template: Print, Color, Cut, Glue, and Enjoy.
  • Template (Already Colored): Print, Cut, Glue, and Enjoy.
  • Pirate ship coloring sheet
  • 8.5 by 11 Pirate ship craft poster

Supplies To Grab For Your Treasure

  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Template (optional)

Instructions For Making A Treasure Chest Craft

treasure chest Paper craft instructions

Step 1


  • Cut out an orange rectangle (Middle)
  • Cut out 2 brown rectangles
  • Glue one of the rectangles to the orange middle
  • Glue the 2nd brown rectangle to the other side of the orange rectangle

Step 2


  • Cut out 2 diamond shapes of any color
  • Cut out 2 circle shapes of any color
  • Cut out 2 skinny octagons in any color
  • Glue all of the treasure to the Chest
pirate treasure cut out

We have a pirate ship craft so you can go find your pirate treasure.

Jokes About Pirates

  • Which exercise do pirates love? 
    • The Plank
  • What is a pirate’s favorite color?
    • Gold
  • Why couldn’t the crew play cards when the captain came?            
    • Because he was standing on the deck!

I hope you enjoy the treasure chest craft made fun and easy!

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